December 5 2014

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MGA Launches Cutting-Edge Mobile News Sharing Application Shuffle
App learns personal news preferences, updates in real-time, drives traffic to news publishers

Alexandria, VA – Media Group of America (MGA), a digital media company specializing in putting the right information in front of the right audience, today launched Shuffle, a cutting-edge mobile news application developed by MGA’s in-house technology lab. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices. 

“With our proven background as a Top-50 trafficked news publisher, as well as a top viral sharing engine and technology lab, we created Shuffle to solve the existing problems with both individual news consumption and distribution,” stated Alex Skatell, President of Media Group of America. “For the consumer, the barrage of information from a 24-hour news cycle and social media makes it nearly impossible and extremely time-consuming to filter and find the most relevant news on an individual level. On the other hand, publishers are constantly looking for the right audience and distribution platform to maximize an owned audience interested in their content.” 

Shuffle is truly different from all other news sharing applications, and creates a win-win for both news publishers and consumers,” said Carl Sceusa, head of MGA Technology. “Shuffle uses ‘Courier,’ an algorithm to map news consumption, distribution, and satisfaction, to learn how and why news and information is shared, what makes news high-quality, and who is the right audience for that information.”

Shuffle is the newest innovative product offered by MGA, which already has a proven track record of demonstrated success with their existing news sharing internet properties, including

“The site’s founders, Alex Skatell and Phil Musser, say that its popularity comes from having mastered “social sharing” on websites like Facebook and Google. They boast of the ability to generate maximum traffic from a minimum number of articles.” – The New York Times, 11/2/14

Shuffle Background:

Shuffle is a new iOS and Android app from Media Group of America that uses patent-pending technology to change the way news is delivered to consumers. Mobile applications are utilized everyday for personal banking, photo sharing, social media, and listening to music through applications that learn what the user enjoys. Shuffle now brings these innovations and intelligence to mobile news consumption and sharing.

Shuffle delivers the most important news stories a reader cares about in a clear and easy-to-use format. Using special algorithms, Shuffle presents a “deck of news cards” to the user based on five important relevance attributes: personal interests, what your friends are reading, recent news, trending topics based on location, and trending topics based on popularity. A user’s personal news deck can then be based on all of these attributes, or individually by quickly tapping a filter. Shuffle also makes sharing articles, searching topics, and following and viewing your favorite publishers' stories easy.

Prior to Shuffle, readers would need to visit preferred news sites one at a time, manually create an RSS reader, scroll endlessly through social feeds, or set up applications that learn nothing about the information the reader is really interested in and interacts with. These are problems not only for readers, but for publishers as well.

Every action taken by a user on a news card within Shuffle is fed back into “Courier,” which learns and improves the sorting of relevant information. Swiping left indicates a reader is not interested in the article. Swiping right means the reader is interested in the article and adds it to a personal reading list for later. Tapping a story immediately loads the article on the publisher’s site, and sharing an article or following a publisher both demonstrate extreme indicators of reader satisfaction. All of these represent valued reader interactions that help Shuffle learn about the news each individual user is most likely to find interesting.

Shuffle: Your Personal News Dealer.